Growing Happiness Project

Have you looked outside recently? There are record numbers of depression and unhappiness worldwide. We have become disconnected from each other. The pandemic has taken a toll on our mental health and social media has replaced one on one connections.

You have the power to make a positive impact on someone’s life. Together we can create a ripple of happiness that spreads from one person to the next.

It all starts with you.

Are you ready to make someone’s day?


It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3…

Bouquet of Cafe au Lait dahlias
Step 1 nominate

Step 1 – Nominate Someone

Do you know someone who could use a pick me up? Maybe you know that they have had a bad day or just need a reason to smile.

Is there someone who you want to recognize for being outstanding? The checker at the grocery store or your co-worker or boss at work who always leads by example?

icon of bouquet of flowers

Step 2 – Someone Wins

Each week during the summer growing season I will be choosing one of the nominees from that week to receive a free bouquet of flowers with a hand-written note. Their bouquet and story (no personal details) will be shared on social media using the hashtag

ripple effect of happiness

Step 3 – Ripple Effect

Are you ready to make someone’s day and create a ripple of happiness starting with a bouquet of surprise flowers, that turns into a smile, that turns into holding the door for someone, that turns into…?

It all starts with You.

Simply fill out the form below.