Dahlia Tuber Pre-Sale 

We are so excited to be offering some of our favourite dahlia tuber varieties to our Canadian home gardening friends this season!

Each tuber in our collection was hand-selected, planted, and harvested to ensure the highest quality blooms and tubers make their way to your garden. 

The date of our sale is March 26th at 10 AM (AST). This week I will be doing a final count on our inventory levels and making sure everything made it through the winter. Those on my mailing list will have access to the sale prior to the public. Join our mailing list here. I do expect that some varieties will sell out prior to the public presale due to limited inventory. I will be sending an email out with all the details as soon as I know my inventory levels.

Here are a few things you need to know about the upcoming sale:

  • All tubers will appear ‘Sold-Out’ until the launch of the pre-sale. 
  • Dahlias are sold as individual tubers and are guaranteed to have at least one eye. Don’t let size fool you even a tuber as small as a AA battery will grow a full-sized plant!
  • We can only ship within Canada. Sorry US and overseas friends! Our shipping charge is a flat rate of $25 Canada-wide. We will have a free pickup option for local customers (Date to be decided).
  • We will ship your tuber orders in late April, weather dependent. Early shipping is not available.
  • We grow all of the varieties on our property here in rural Nova Scotia. Some varieties will have very limited quantities.
  • My checkout system works a bit differently than others you have shopped with before. Once you have a tuber in your cart, you will have 10 minutes to complete your purchase. Just like rock concerts and the symphony, you will have time to calmly finish your checkout without tubers disappearing from your cart. Abandoned carts will be reloaded back into inventory after that 10-minute window. That means you still might get that prized tuber on your wish list!
  • Dahlia sales are final and cannot be added to or subtracted from. We are unable to combine orders at this time. 
  • I do hold inventory back to account for some loss during winter storage and will release more inventory in April as eyes start to develop. However, sometimes storage failures do occur. If this happens to tubers in your order you will be able to choose a replacement from the inventory I have remaining or a refund of the lost product.
  • I have been assured my website can handle the traffic, but in the case that it can’t, I will have my website person on standby to help with any problems that arise.
  • I am a one woman show, and this is my first dahlia launch so there may be some bumps along the way, but I am doing my best to get some of my favourites from my garden to yours. 

I want to personally thank you for choosing to purchase from our family-run flower farm. We really appreciate your business and it means so much to us. You are now a part of the Growing Happiness movement across the nation! 


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